• Feb 07, 2018     

    Ocean Way Studios

    Ocean Way Studios control room


    Jim Stanard recorded his new album BUCKET LIST at Ocean Way Studios and VBI CLassic Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Ocean Way's state of the art and vintage recording equipment lends itself to a highly professional sound made possibly by veteran engineers and studio musicians.

    Throughout the 11 song album numerous established musicians have contributed to the vibe of the tracks:

    Vocals & Acoustic Guitar: Jim Stanard
    Guitar: Jon Skibic, Troy Lancaster
    Bass: Kip winger, Jimmie Sloas
    Keyboards: Mike Rojas
    Drums: Scott Trammell, Lonnie Wilson
    Banjo: Bobby Terry
    Acoustic & Nylon Guitar: Bobby Terry

    Ocean Way's clients include George Strait, Matchbox Twenty, Harry Connick Jr., Faith Hill, The Mavericks, Willie Nelson, Train, Gretchen Wilson, Kenny Chesney, Three Doors Down, Sheryl Crow, Steve Martin, and Paul Simon. Scoring includes Sony PlayStation, EA, Lionsgate, TPS, and many others.