• Sep 04, 2018     

    "It's All Turtles" aired on Dr. Demento Show

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    Jim Stanard's song "It's All Turtles" from his new CD BUCKET LIST was aired on July 14, 2018 on the legendary Dr. Demento Show. The Dr. Demento Show is online at http://drdemento.com/online.html?i=DDS1828

    Demento's weekly show went into national syndication in a two-hour all-novelty format in 1974, produced by his manager Larry Gordon of Gordon/Casady and during 1978–92 was syndicated by the Westwood One Radio Network. The Westwood One period marked the height of the show's national popularity; it was carried in most major radio markets, airing mainly on FM rock stations, usually late on Sunday evenings.

    The online show follows a format similar to that of the terrestrial show; no longer being limited by a radio time slot or commercial breaks, the show usually exceeds two hours and may include "bonus tracks" at the end of the show. The weekly "Funny Five" has been replaced by a monthly Top Ten in order to allow for more comprehensive special topic segments. The new format, along with the ability to play records that previously would have been censored on the radio, has allowed Dr. Demento to delve more deeply into his collection than was possible on the syndicated radio show.

    Listen to It's All Turtles: https://www.jimstanardmusic.com/music
    Watch the video: https://www.jimstanardmusic.com/videos/jim-stanard-its-all-turtles